Dress In Colour or Create Black Magic!

Colour has definitely taken over in the last few years.

Hurray! A splash of colour brings everything to life. I love it! Some of my favourite items in my wardrobe are different shades of Purple, Green, and Pink.

In fact colour has a profound effect on how we look, feel and how we are perceived by others. Colour is so powerful it has the power to evoke psychological reactions because it can be associated with certain feeling and meanings. Colour can also be a persuasion factor in our emotions.

Having said all that I can honestly say I love my Black’s. It’s not for everyone. If your one of the lucky ones that can wear all black from top to toe, I say go for it! When you’re in a hurry, far too busy to think, just throw it on. It’s a no brainier. That’s why you’ll find most of us women have a section in our wardrobe dedicated to BLACK.

Did I mention it also has the potential to make you look taller and slimmer! There is a catch however, if you are one of the lovely full figured women and you are wearing all black and about to have your photo taken, please don’t stand front on or stand in front of a white or very light background. This will create a silhouette and have the potential to make you look bigger.

Before walking out the door don’t forget to add one of your best colours to bring your outfit to life! Especially for all the gals that don’t wear black that well. It may be your favourite blouse, scarf, necklace, gloves, earrings or just fabulous bright lips!