Hanging Things That Are Meant To Be Folded

Extend the lifespan of your favourite pieces

Some garments, knits, fine jersey tops and sweaters really need to be folded in order to keep their shape. Hanging a sweater or knit can lead to shoulder dents, misshapen sleeves, and possibly a larger or longer sweater. With regard to a knit the larger and loose the yarn (pattern) the more it will drop over time if hung.

Clearing out a shelf or drawer and taking the time to fold sweaters properly will extend the lifespan of your favourite pieces. If you invest good money in a sweater that has that perfect fit – you DO NOT want to ruin its shape by letting it hang up in your closet over the summer months.

Storing folded items that can potentially crease.

A few sheets of tissue paper in the middle when folding is the way to go. This will preserve their shape, and the condition of the garment will be in tip top shape when its time tow ear it again!