How a Fashion Stylist can Solve your Biggest Wardrobe Dilemmas

Wardrobe Dilemmas

How a Fashion Stylist can Solve your Biggest Wardrobe Dilemmas

Probably the biggest Wardrobe dilemma that most women will report is a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear! How many times have we searched and nothing seems to fit right, nothing looks like it did in the store and there’s no top to go with that skirt?!

However, solving your biggest wardrobe dilemmas is easy, thanks to AK Style! With the help of a highly skilled and professional personal stylist, based right here in Melbourne, I’ll be able to work with you to revamp your wardrobe to a fine tuned, workable wardrobe today. As an industry leading fashion consultant, I’ve been able to help women of all ages, shapes, and sizes – ones from all walks of life – to rediscover themselves in terms of their own unique sense of fashion and individual style.

Eliminating Wardrobe Dilemmas

I have listed 3 great ideas to get you started, I have another 10 more to complete your wardrobe dilemmas. I would love to hear from you, let’s have a chat, ring me 0405 548 287.

1. Stop buying on impulse!

If you don’t love it madly or need it badly – put it back.  For every $40 dollar bargain-bin mistake you make would be better spent towards a carefully thought out working wardrobe.

2. Find out once and for all what really suits you!

Invest in a colour and style consultation.

3. Decide on a look that’s right for you.

One that works with your personality, lifestyle and budget.


Wardrobe Makeover


A popular service offered by AK Style is the Wardrobe Makeover.

This entails you to work one on one with me to review all the garments and clothing currently in your wardrobe. We will assess which pieces work for you and your body shape, and demonstrate why some pieces don’t work for you. Together we will revitalise your wardrobe, deciding the must keep items, what needs to go or what requires alterations to better suit your body type.

We’ll put together a list of  all the items missing and required to compliment some of the items in your wardrobe.  Together we’ll also work on a few foundation colours, these are the colours that work well with many other colours.  I’ll teach you the ‘know-how’ the ‘mix n match’, pairing pieces together to create lots of gorgeous combinations.   You’ll say “Good-Bye” to a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear and “Hello” to a whole new world of style possibilities. Put your best foot forward and see further details on my Wardrobe Makeover Service here.

As a fashion stylist – one well versed in providing expert colour and image consultations – I can help you in a whole host of ways. I’ll help you to dress with style and confidence in clothes tailored to your body’s shape and contours. That means discovering what your body type actually is! Together, we’ll work to find the fashion styles and latest looks that best suit you – as well as the ones that you should avoid and steer well clear of.

As a personal stylist, I’m also dedicated to figuring out just which colours perfectly compliment your skin and your complexion – whether it’s warm and muted tones, or whether it’s cool and clear ones. Accessories are another fashion addition we’ll both be looking into: they’re an excellent way of flattering the shape of your face and your neckline. With my help, we’ll get to the bottom of which accessories will work wonders for your look.

A fashion consultant knows exactly which ‘looks’ work and don’t work across all the various age groups: together we’ll find something that’s right for where you are in life while still maintaining a strong sense of who you are and – of course – style!

Here at Melbourne’s AK Style, I’ll be able to show you the secrets of looking good and feeling great!