How a Personal Shopper Can Change Your Life!

Personal Stylist Shopper

As a fashion industry professional with years of experience under my belt, I know just how important and positively life-changing a personal shopper experience can be. Truth be told, having worked all over Melbourne as both a personal stylist, personal shopper and a fashion consultant, I’ve seen the radiant changes first-hand, time and time again: my clients have evolved from who they once were into the person they’ve always wanted to be. And honestly, I couldn’t be happier that I was able to help them in being a part of such a wonderful and life-affirming transformation.

Thanks to my comprehensive all-in-one services as personal shopper, fashion consultant, and personal stylist, a complete AK Style makeover can help you live like never before. Forget the ‘Old You’ – I’ll give the ‘New You’ the self-confidence to face each and every day head on.

The Magic of Transformation

As your personal shopper, I won’t just take the headache out of purchasing new outfits to suit the current season and fit the latest trends. The AK Style all-in-one experience means I’ll also work closely with you as both your knowledgeable personal stylist, as well as your premier fashion consultant. I’m dedicated to working with you and your wardrobe, taking into account your own unique taste and sense of individual style, including your likes and dislikes. As a leading fashion authority, I’ll also outline what’s hot and what’s not, keeping in mind what works for you, your look, and your body shape – not to mention your wallet!

My goal is simple : to help women and men discover their true personal style, find what they need within their budget and show them how to pull it all together.

Expert Advice

Whether you’re a Melbourne industry veteran, a part-time model or a full-time mum or dad, AK Style has the ideal fashion solution for any lifestyle. My expert advice can help you understand all the style elements in a garment that can make or break an outfit. We all want to disguise figure challenges and we all have them, highlight our best bit, and we all have them too. I’m quick, efficient and have and a strong eye for detail. Something I know I was born with. I’ll choose the correct colours, after all I am a personal certified Colour Consultant so I’ll guide you in the right direction and choose the colours that work best for you, along with fabrics, prints and patterns.

I’ll work wonders for your wardrobe, effectively cutting costs and saving you money in the long run. No more closets full of tired, old clothes you never wear any more because they don’t fit right; and no more stacks of brand new, still-tagged clothes that didn’t look quite right once you got them home.

Look amazing and current, feel youthful, feel joy in a way you never thought possible. So if you want to define your personal style and create a wardrobe that best fits your life style and needs then make sure you visit today for more information on how a personal shopper experience – fully tailored to you – can change your life!

– Anna, AK STYLE