How To Co-ordinate Your Clothing

Mix and Match your outfit


I have a wardrobe full of clothes, worse still I can never find anything and I don’t know what to keep and what to give away. I keep buying separate pieces and never know how to put them all together to create a great outfit.

Whether I’m seeing a client for a personal stylist shopping trip, wardrobe makeover, style and Image consultation or colour analysis consultation, I hear this all the time. How can I successfully put together a stylish outfit and feel great in it.



The latest fashion trends can be overwhelming and sometimes ridiculous. But the useful aspect of the current fashion trends showcased on the runway, which you can see online and in fashion magazines or on my AK Style Facebook page – is simply, the visual stimulation that forges ideas and inspiration. There’ll be a lot of ensembles that you just don’t like, but eventually you will find some pieces and outfits that you love and can see yourself in. Get excited and get your creative juices going and start taking some snaps and uploading them to your computer as a reminder. Don’t have a computer, that’s OK, buy yourself a scrap book, a couple of fashion magazines and start filling it up with all the outfits, remembering the big finish, accessories you love and can relate to.


Over time you’ll start to recognise your own style personality and what works best for you. Then you can head out to the shopping centres and replicate the outfits you love in your scrap book. You’ll start to feel more confident and only buy pieces you can relate to and the know-how of pulling it all together to create a stylish ensemble.



Easy Steps to Bring an Outfit Together

Start with your core/foundation pieces these tend to be more classic and neutral in colour, black, white, navy, tan and deep plum. The foundation of an outfit is your starting point upon which everything is built around and without it, you don’t have an outfit. Your core pieces are things like pants, top, blouse, jeans, a basic skirt or dress or a suit. The more basic your core/foundation is the sturdier your outfit will be because it will get you the most mileage and wear and more importantly, your foundation being basic will allow it to be a base in several of your outfits.


Mix and Match


Next you will need an accent piece, an item of clothing to compliment your core/foundation piece. This could be a printed top or blouse, a knit in a fabulous colour or interesting textures, fun cardigan, a trendy blazer or novelty top. Now make sure your accent piece of clothing does compliment your core/foundation piece. To your left see the effortless yet stylish outfit by Veronica Maine. Simple print black and white top paired with a white capri pant and slides. Change your look for an after 5  outfit with a pair of stunning heels, add some fabulous silver or gold bracelets and complete with a metallic clutch. Gorgeous and affordable accessories by LOVISA and DIVA.




Pop to Complete Your Outfit

You can be a head turner with the right POP, that fabulous statement piece to complete your outfit. You need these pops to give your outfit some life; your personality just like your home needs your own personal touch to make it your very own.  When I get dressed there is always at least one piece in my outfit that pops, whether it’s my  necklace, statement watch, fabulous coloured scarf, my leopard print belt, fab heels, a gorgeous handbag or my hat.

Now it’s your turn to visit your wardrobe and get reaquainted and play dress-ups. No ‘look at me pop’ in your wardrobe, then it’s time for a shop!