Choosing price over quality

Fast fashion store

There is certainly room in your closet for some trendy pieces from affordable fashion forward stores, but they shouldn’t comprise the majority of your wardrobe. Having several $20 to $30 items instead of one $100 plus items might seem like a bargain, but the $100 plus one won’t loose it’s shape or fall apart after several wearing’s. Great value for a season or two.

I have shopped at Bardot, Sportsgirl, Portmans and Kmart to name a few of the lower end budget fashion stores. Even better around SALE time.

Ok, you do need a keen eye to buy that one piece you can mix and match with some of the other more expensive items in your closet. The trick is to co-ordinate and harmonise to achieve that great looking ensemble.

I’ll give you two examples:

Smart, Stylish and Professional








Silk long line Black Top $195

Black Jeggins $29 (on sale)

Black boots $599

Black semi fitted jacket $150 (on sale)

Colourful chunky necklace $29. Some of my clients thought it was a MIMCO piece.

Black leather bag $89 (on sale)

Smart, Stylish and Casual



Country Road


Calvin Klein

Watch (overseas)


Fuschia slim line jeans $15

White sneaks $25

White tee $49

Off white sunnies $39

Black satchel Hand bag $89 (on sale)

Black and silver $10

Thin coloured bracelets that tie into the outfit to bring it all together $20