Summer Fashion 2015/2016

Summer 2015

Summer’s almost here, so why not start the New Year in style and make a statement in 2016? AK Style offers comprehensive wardrobe makeover solutions that cater to a number of body shapes, life styles, and budgets.

Wardrobe Makeover

If you go into your closet and discover that your only wearing 30% of your clothing, then you really do need to invest in a personal wardrobe fashion stylist.
OK, that small percentage of clothing in your closet, which you have actually collaborated into your own personal ‘uniform’. wearing the same look almost every day, perhaps for years now, scary I know. So what are your clothes saying about you?

I know your waiting to add a bit of va-voom to your existence…just like a lot of women I see. I also know that change takes courage, so don’t be too hard on yourself. I will give you the knowledge, the know how and the confidence to experiment with new fabulous looks. This does not mean you will have to change your personality, absolutely not. It is so very important to be true to your own personal style.. I’m here to give you more alternatives that possibly you have not thought of. Teach you to understand your beautiful and unique body shape and what will flatter and highlight your best bits and disguise your minor challenges.

I am a personal colour and image, personal stylist & professional fashion consultant and I will begin your revamping process by clearing out your wardrobe of winter clothing from last season. Then I’ll find what works for you – taking into account your personality and taste – not to mention your lifestyle. I can also help assess which aspects of your image could do with tweaking: getting rid of those old clothes and tired fashion styles opens you up for new exciting changes in your life. Finally, we will work together in co-ordinating your current clothing collection and existing pieces, as well as introducing new ones to refresh your image and revitalise your wardrobe.

I will help you piece together a number of ‘fabulous new looks’ during your total wardrobe makeover. We’ll take photos along the way to remind you of your new ensembles I have put together for you. We’ll mix and match differing styles and various accessories and bring a new exciting look to life. It’s all about confidence building and making you feel good for summer.

So, what’s trending for summer 2015/2016?

  • Casual blouses
  • Funky t-shirts
  • Classic leather jackets
  • Skinny jeans: ripped; flared
  • The blouse and shirt is much more than a basic item for us gals to have in our wardrobe. It really is a must have to team up with a pair of pants, jeans, shorts or a skirt.
    Choose from an array of fabulous fabrics, colours, prints and designs. Depending on the chosen fabric and colour, they can be worn at romantics dates, weekends, as well as in a more official environment.

    Feel gorgeous in a ruffle front blouse, team with a classic black pant and beautiful heels. For a more edgy look, pair with skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans or shorts. Famous brands are being creative in order to give originality and popularity to their items. Seriously there is plenty to choose from depending on your own style personality. Gorgeous prints, romantic lace, fun checks, stripes, polka dots and fringes. I’m loving the transparent style blouse at the moment. Bianca Spencer has given us this beautiful black blouse. Other brands have added decorative flowers or sequins to their designs.

  • Maxi dresses & gladiator sandals
  • Playsuits (both formal and casual) – pair them with stiletto heels to dress up for special occasions or complement them with sneakers to dress down
  • Prints & patterns for men and women
  • Colour palettes: silvers and golds; lace and crochets
  • Denim – always great for daywear & weekend wear
  • For men: t-shirts; jeans; shorts; sneakers
  • For women: long vests are ideal for dressing up or down
  • Fluid & flowing: light fabric jerseys in pastel colours (rayon is perfect)
  • Fringing: selective fraying at the base of vests, tops, dresses, jackets – even handbags

Call AK Style today and spring into summer – comfortable and full of confidence.