Summer Fashions Trends 2020

Summer Fashions Trends 2020

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends can be tricky, particularly in Victoria as we have been in lockdown! As you may know, nothing was open!

Fortunately our roadmap is looking optimistic and literally any day now the shop doors will fly open, which means we’ll be happily hitting the stores to get our fashion summer fix.

Over the past many weeks, with not much to do,  I decided to do a big cleaning out of my wardrobe, out with the old and in with the new. These words ring so true this year than any other year I can remember. So I ask myself what is my look, has it changed, I’m a year older can I still wear what I’ve been wearing for the last few years. Ok, my look is classic, elegant, minimal and a little edgy. I have just answered my own question, I still feel comfortable about my own style personality.  I do love a bit of an edge to some of my pieces, a subtle statement brings joy to me and my ensemble. The key is to be true to yourself if the item/outfit doesn’t feel right on you, then it probably isn’t.

Summer is now rapidly approaching, so I continue scouring the internet more often than the norm for some fashion style inspiration. Looking to see what other people are wearing overseas and what the models were walking down the runway in.  There really is plenty for all to get excited about. Interesting and fun trends for our spring/summer 2020.

OK let’s take a look at how to start prepping your wardrobe for the new season ahead, by adding something fresh into your look for 2020.


Glow in Neon

Are you ready for a bright and vivid season? The colour of the season according to Valentino, led the neon explosion with a series of looks in green, fuchsia and yellow. Other designers such as Christopher Kane, added bright yellow, orange and pink. Dramatic, fun and definitely eye catching!

Pretty Pastels

Think baby blue, pink, lavender, peach, lemon and mint.  Gorgeous lavender, delicate and calming and more sophisticated than some of the pinks and blushes we’ve seen in the past. For all the girls that love their blues, classic blue, heritage blue and faded blue are popping up on all the runways. If you love your neutrals, you won’t be missing out. You can also work your pastels with neutrals. White, grey and beige, these are most likely the neutrals that work best with pastels.

If you don’t want to look too baby doll in your pastels, only add the pastel shades as an accessory.


Short Suiting

Short suits are the coolest spring/summer trend for 2020. This look is perfect to update your wardrobe. A relaxed and fun take on tailoring and has seen a resurgence on the catwalk for the last few seasons. Cut long and lean just below the knee or cut high on the thigh. Add a sleek thigh-length blazer and then add if you choose a vest for a progressive look.

Unexpected Pairing

The idea is that you wear something in an unexpected way or put together an unexpected combination. Mixing materials, colours, elements and textures.  Stripes, dots, letters all in at once –  time to get creative!

Jeans or pants worn under a dress.  This look was big in 2017.  Today I’m seeing pants under dresses. Try wearing a fitted button-through dress over your pants,  by doing this it will more than likely create bulk,  so undo the buttons from waist down.  This will create a floaty look and will be flattering on the hips.



A fun look for the weekends or out to] lunch, you decide. Retailers are offering an array of cute and stylish options this summer, whether you decide to wear one over a t-shirt or under a jacket.


Stay cool in the summer heat with linen pieces. This year you’ll see more variations of linen or linen mix clothing in the stores. Anything from shorts to pants, dresses, shirts and jackets. In solid colour and beautiful prints.

Baby Doll Dress

Mini dress in the form of baby doll style.  You’ll see this playful dress in variations of fullness and colour. The baby doll dress would great over a pair of jeans.

Oversized Sleeves

This Victorian-inspired look was seen last year and is still going strong. It’s oversized shape creates the illusion of a slimmer waist and adds lots of interest to your outfit.

Bucket Hats

Versatile, cute and this trendy accessory looks gorgeous in any season. For the warmer months, choose soft pastel shades. Also, look out for the bucket bag!



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