My boys have reached an age now that I can spend the time and effort to look after myself a bit better and coming to see you was a gift to myself. I received instruction and encouragement, and can now take that information with me to make changes for the better. It was a revelation to physically see for myself the colours that enhanced my natural colouring and features. And the style analysis workshop allowed me to instantly see what worked for my body proportions and general shape. The visual transformations you perform seem like magic.
The information I received makes shopping for clothing exciting and fun now that all of the indecision and uncertainty had been eliminated. I have tried new things that I would never have entertained before and am delighted with the results. I can instantly pick what suits me and don’t waste time or money on bad choices. I can now enhance my features effortlessly and without it seeming too obvious or like I’m trying too hard. People at work have noticed a change in my appearance for the better, and they think I have lost weight, and say that I am “glowing” and that the colours I’m wearing look really good on me.
It is an unfortunate truth that we are instantly judged by our appearance, and that if we don’t take care with it, others will subconsciously receive the message that we are not worth very much. Well, with your help, Anna, I now look “a million bucks” and convey the message that I am worth at least that much! It was a pleasant experience learning from you, and the best part is that I will continue to benefit from your knowledge for years to come as my clothing and style journey continues. I think that your services would be a wonderful, lasting gift for someone you care about, with the ability to be truly life changing.
October 2013