“I thought I dressed myself reasonably well, but then I met Anna. I realised after she had finished with me, I had been living in a state of self delusion! My best effort was Anna’s opportunity for an instant revamp and education on what works and doesn’t work for me, for too many reasons to elaborate on now, suffice to say I was impressed with the content and depth of education I received.

Anna helped me with my nine to five and after hour’s attire. She gave me guidelines of what to wear and how to dress; to suit my body shape, colour, lifestyle, personality, and most importantly budget.

Wow! I immediately noticed the extra RESPECT, comments and looks I received from all people, especially the girls! Comments like “Checkout the advertising executive” (Hah, I’m actually a geeky IT Consultant). As well, my colleagues say “You’re the best dressed guy on the floor” on casual Fridays. And this happens all the time!

I’ve been transformed and resistance is futile, I’ll never go back to the old me”.

Anthony N
March 2008