Hi Anna!
I knew that my reply might take a while because I would have to think terribly hard to describe what you have done for me!!!!
I feel amazing!!! I feel gorgeous and confident. I notice people looking at me- as in examining me as I’m talking to them. Looking at my earrings, my top, my shoes, etc, like as if they are making a mental note of what they want to go out and buy, so that they can look fabulous too. And I’m thinking that it’s not that simple, that they need to learn about themselves and what colour and cut is right for them, and then what accessories suit them also.

Scott says he knew that you were what I needed, as I have never quite “got it” about fashion. And he is right as I feel I have had the potential to look fabulous, but sadly, often it would end in fashion disasters. And that is a result of not knowing ‘why.’ I can describe this exactly. I am a registered nurse, which is a university degree which takes three years. During the course we learn not only how to nurse patients but WHY we perform certain duties or give certain medications- their uses, side effects, etc, the whole picture. Or you can do a course for one year and become an enrolled nurse, which in the lesser time most definitely teaches you the how, but not necessarily the why. You are unable to give medications after this course, as you may not realise which drugs are not suitable for a particular patient for whatever reason and cause serious problems or death!!!

So you, Anna, have been my registered nurse, teaching me not only what looks good on me, but more importantly, WHY! Why a certain colour is good or bad, why this cut or that style is good or bad. So I am for this reason, quite sure that there will be more of the fabulous (the “WOW factor” as you call it) and absolutely none of the fashion disasters. I am also excited about the prospect of shopping, even with my 4 little ones in tow, as I feel I can cut time by eliminating colours and styles that are not for me and go straight for the “Cassie clothes.” I can’t imagine going back to my plain Jane ways. I’m even looking at other people I have always thought looked gorgeous all the time- even at the kinder pick up!- and realising why, the right clothes, the right accessories! Scott jokes about me going from zero to hero!!!!! Funny!!

So anyway, thank you so much!!! I have been raving about you to anyone who will listen so I hope many others will use your services, and be transformed and feel as happy and confident as I do!

Cassie T
December 2009