I chose Anna from the internet – at the time it felt pretty risky – but I liked the quiet confidence the site displayed, the style of Anna’s photos which showed she was both current and elegant in her fashion choices and I especially liked the fact that the pricing was on the site. So I took the plunge and did a wardrobe review with Anna and then a personal shopping trip – and I have never looked back!

I dislike clothes shopping, have no idea what suits me and was always wasting money buying things that I didn’t like almost as soon as I got home. I was forever feeling that I had ‘nothing to wear’ when I really had a wardrobe full of things that I did not like and did not look great.

Anna makes my shopping easy, always tries to teach me what suits and why, mixes and matches, so many clothes can go together and I fully trust that if she says it looks great, it really does. I feel comfortable that whatever I wear out of my wardrobe looks great which helps me feel confident about how I look when I walk out the door – a new experience. Thanks Anna, looking forward to many more shopping trips in the future!

Jan - Business Analyst
May 2013