Hi Anna

Thank you very much for all the knowledge that you have given me, I have learned a lot and enjoyed your lovely company immensely yesterday. Your passion for your profession is beautiful to see.

I called my sister in law and we went back to Myer that day to buy the two items held in Myer and all the cosmetics.

I am wearing the patterned Veronica Maine piece with leggings and a chunky stirling silver bracelet and earrings. Also tried on the makeup with the lip gloss. Dressing up was a easy choice this morning!

You have taught me to try on several items, place them on hold, then shop some more and then sit down and make a final decision as to what to get. Also to be able to look at pieces for the possibilities that it can offer, by simply adding accessories to personalise it to dress it down or dress it up. That was a very valuable lesson and informative tip for me, as I think that has made me a more sensible shopper.

I will strongly recommend your services to everyone who is considering updating their image or wants to learn more about how to best present themselves. Yes, as you correctly said, “celebrate being a woman” while we can. Thank you again and all the best.

Melody L
November 2009