Transforming into the Melbourne executive genre was proving particularly difficult and casual observation of those who appeared to be hitting the mark indicated that a Melbourne makeover was needed. After a little research and a degree of coaxing from my wife, a two hour personal shopping appointment was made with Anna from AK Style.

After a detailed needs analysis I eventually met with Anna and quickly learnt that a two hour shopping trip involved a lot more than just looking for clothes. Anna had already selected a number of items to try on based on the information I had previously provided. The next two hours involved further analysis of my personal preferences, trying on suits, shirts, ties, shoes and glasses till I had the perfect combinations, detailed tailoring that even the highly experienced shop assistants couldn’t match and extensive life coaching ….. all at no additional cost!

I cannot speak highly enough of my shopping trip and after recovering from the initial whirlwind shopping trip I arranged yet another shopping trip to complete the wardrobe in preparation for my new executive position and new beginning in the style capital ….Melbourne

AK Style sits in a category well above value for money.

Thankyou is not enough.

Ransce S
May 2011