Anna is the sweetest person you will ever meet. She’s amazing! Not only is she good at her job but she tailors to your needs, so you can bring and discuss whatever you want to get out of the session.

I now know my perfect colours and am ready to develop my own personal style. As soon as the door opens you feel as though you know her, and she is the epitome of someone living out her purpose. She looks the part too – beautifully styled and an all round gorgeous lady. Thank you Anna xxx

Brooke Alexander
February 2022

Thank You so much for a very enjoyable experience, your warmth, knowledge and humour were such a delight, we haven’t stopped talking about Saturday afternoon.

I’ve printed off mine and Taylor’s pdf and we brought folders to hold them in. We both learnt so much and love our Seasons and can see why you are so good at what you do.

Sunday I added a Khaki top and Nail Polish in my Season and Taylor added a Blue Top and some delicious red and fuchsia lipsticks to hers, no more shopping disasters.

Donna & Taylor
December 2018

I don’t know that I have ever truly felt confident in my own style and after two kids this hit an all-time low. Anna has given me so much information, through the colour and style consultation, that I feel so much more confident. Best of all Anna has been so kind and patient in answering all my questions ensuring I received the most out of the session. Thanks again Anna!

Megan – Professional
January 2018

Anna is wonderful to work with. Firstly a wardrobe makeover and then a shopping trip. Both experiences were invaluable.

Anna is radiant and makes you feel the same way offering practical individualised style advice gleaned from years of industry experience.

Thank you Anna, I look forward to next season!

Rebecca Dunn – Professional
March 2017

I have worked with a few personal stylists in my time. I found Anna to be a breath of fresh air. She worked with me, and was very flexible, accommodating and patient in ensuring that her service was tailored to my personal style. I had a wardrobe consultation and a shopping trip both of which were a worthwhile investment. Thanks again Anna!

Katherine Wirth
January 2017

For years, I toyed with the idea of having my ‘colours done’ in order to better understand what suits my complexion and personality. I put it off, thinking it was a bit of an indulgence as well as a bit of a ‘retro’ fad – remember how crazy everyone was for Colour Me Beautiful in the 80s??!!

However, I’m relocating abroad later this year and have used the move as an opportunity refresh my wardrobe and personal style, so I thought I’d start with my colours. I found Anna via Google, and because she was local (I live a tram ride away) and had good testimonials, I took the plunge and booked myself in.

So…last Saturday I sat in front of her mirror, with lights shining on my face, no make-up, no spectacles (having dusted off a pair of contact lenses) and wearing a white robe, while Anna held various swatches of fabric under my chin to see how they looked against my face and hair. There was a bit of a brief quiz about my colour preferences at the start, and Anna explained the process and what I could expect to take away from the analysis before we got to the nitty gritty.

The final verdict: I am Warm, Muted and Dark, also known as Deep Autumn – which was kinda cool, as I’ve always liked wearing brown and green and olive-y, mustard-y yellows as well as orange, and purple. Phew! It confirmed some things I already knew (minimal red and no crimsons) but there were a few pleasant surprises – who thought I could wear blue and purple?

But the service doesn’t stop there. Anna did a face-shape analysis which took into account how I can wear my hair, and whether my spectacles work for me as well as what sort of jewellery I should choose.

As part of the service, I received a colour swatch ‘flip-wheel’ with all my colours on it, with suggestions on whether they are my ‘core’ or ‘basic’ or ‘accent’ colours as well as a comprehensive folder which breaks down the analysis in more detail, and includes clothing, make-up and jewellery tips. Fantastic! I’ve already started using the wheel with my current wardrobe – it’s been a great way to weed out stuff I don’t wear anymore. Now I know why… Luckily I carry big handbags, so I will ensure my swatch wheel and folder are with me wherever I go when I feel like doing a spot of shopping. Anna also kindly provided a PDF soft copy of the folder contents so I can travel light when the time comes to move overseas.

As for Anna herself, she is the perfect advertisement for her profession. A style and image consultant should be warm, personable and engaging and she should look like a star. Anna ticks all the right boxes. I felt very welcome and relaxed, but more importantly, I felt like I was in the hands of someone who knew what they were doing.

I highly recommend Anna’s styling services.

Sophia Patrick - Professional
January 2016

Thankyou so much for your help yesterday. I have filled 4 garbags full of those clothes and also a few pair of shoes. It is so good to be able
to actually see what clothes I have in my wardrobe now. You were fantastic and as you know there is no way I could have done this big cleanse without you.

I have no doubt I will be needing you at some stage in the near future for a wardrobe check up – still cant believe how easy you made it for me to throw those unused and useless clothes out. Thanks again!

January 2016

I have never enjoyed shopping however since working with Anna I now not only enjoy shopping but I am able to choose clothing that fits me perfectly. No more wasted time in dressing rooms trying on the wrong garments and I am also saving money as I am no longer buying clothes that I never wear. Spending time and money with Anna was one of the best investments I have made both financially and from a confidence perspective, with people often commenting on the change. I will engage Anna on a regular basis to assist me with my purchases as the confidence she has now given me on a number of levels is truly a gift.

Linda Murray - Director
August 2015

Thank you so much for our shopping trip the other weekend. I went back and bought a few of the items we looked at in Myer.

Since our shopping trip I feel like I can make better selections about what I wear on a daily basis. I’ve even received a few compliments! I’ve culled some more items from my cupboard and I’m paying more attention to what seems to work on others with similar shapes to mine too…and I’m noticing what doesn’t work too. Overall, I’m feeling less anxious about shopping for clothes. I know what types of things to look for and I’m actually excited about plans to go shopping on the weekend to try to finish off some new looks. Although I can’t say I’m a shop-a-holic now, you have helped me overcome a lot of me fears of shopping and trying to look good.

Thank you Anna!

I’ll be in touch. 🙂

Joh Gwynn - School Teacher
August 2015

Oh how different shopping is when you do it with an expert. I just had my second shopping session with Anna and I will certainly come back for more.

The thing that really impressed me is that she seems to know which clothes I will like. Anna also gently guided me to other styles and colours that I would not have ever considered and I can honestly say, I felt beautiful in them!

I can highly recommended Anna and already have to my friends that have commented on my new gorgeous updated look. Thanks again!

Wendy Weston - IT Analyst
July 2015

Hi Anna!

I don’t know where to start to thank you for your expert advice and patience yesterday!
I feel like a different person already, and can’t wait to start wearing all of my new clothes.

I took your advice and went through my wardrobe and cleaned out the clothes that don’t work for my body shape and life style any more.
I can see now how some of the silhouettes, prints and lengths I had chosen in the past were all wrong for me.

I also upload the snaps we took through out our shopping trip onto my laptop. A perfect reminder of the style elements you told me to
check before I purchase a top, pant or dress. Thank you once again!

Thank you for our time together Anna. The information I received during my Style and Image workshop and Colour Analysis consultation has now made shopping for clothing exciting and fun now that all of the indecisions and uncertainty had been eliminated.

I have tried new things that I would never have entertained before and am delighted with the results. I can now pick pieces that suit me and don’t waste time and money on bad choices. Friends and colleagues have noticed a change in my appearance for the better.

I love all the compliments I’m receiving. I feel alive again!

Many thanks for your professional guidance in helping me decide what colors are best suited to me, now that I have decided to let my hair go grey.

I walked away from the consultation today feeling empowered about this new stage and journey of a ‘mature’ woman. Your gentle, lovely nature and genuine desire to help other women look their best shines through you and I felt strongly that I am in good hands. I am delighted that I have chosen your service and will be recommending my friends and family to you.

Thank you for the ‘magic of transformation.’

June 2014

My boys have reached an age now that I can spend the time and effort to look after myself a bit better and coming to see you was a gift to myself. I received instruction and encouragement, and can now take that information with me to make changes for the better. It was a revelation to physically see for myself the colours that enhanced my natural colouring and features. And the style analysis workshop allowed me to instantly see what worked for my body proportions and general shape. The visual transformations you perform seem like magic.
The information I received makes shopping for clothing exciting and fun now that all of the indecision and uncertainty had been eliminated. I have tried new things that I would never have entertained before and am delighted with the results. I can instantly pick what suits me and don’t waste time or money on bad choices. I can now enhance my features effortlessly and without it seeming too obvious or like I’m trying too hard. People at work have noticed a change in my appearance for the better, and they think I have lost weight, and say that I am “glowing” and that the colours I’m wearing look really good on me.
It is an unfortunate truth that we are instantly judged by our appearance, and that if we don’t take care with it, others will subconsciously receive the message that we are not worth very much. Well, with your help, Anna, I now look “a million bucks” and convey the message that I am worth at least that much! It was a pleasant experience learning from you, and the best part is that I will continue to benefit from your knowledge for years to come as my clothing and style journey continues. I think that your services would be a wonderful, lasting gift for someone you care about, with the ability to be truly life changing.
October 2013

Anna, I would thank you for your assistance, support and most of all expert advise.

I was very apprehensive about the idea of sitting with an image consultant, as I did not know what to expect. From our first meeting you made me feel comfortable and at ease, as your guidance, experience and knowledge was very beneficial. The colour, body matching process, the information regarding an professional image and how it relates to client’s perceptions were most valuable and enjoyable.

I really appreciate your patients, advise and thoroughness while shopping, in particular when trying to find the right style of suit to fit my body shape became a challenge, however you kept me feeling positive, which is an amazing feat as shopping is not an activity I enjoy.

I have really appreciated the finished product, including my wonderful new hairstyle from Michael at Zigbi, thank you for your assistance, kindness, clothing, shoes, make up, hair style, colours, everything you have achieved with my complete makeover, I really enjoyed every moment, I will not hesitate to use your services in the future, and am more than happy to recommend you to others.

Once again thank you for everything, take care.

Traci - Senior Sales Executive
August 2013

Hi Anna
Thank you very much for a successful shopping trip and the great improvements to my wardrobe.
I really appreciate all the thought, time and effort you put in. Your energy and know-how are impressive.
I would certainly recommend you to friends and colleagues. Thanks again!

Medical Practitioner
April 2013


I’m now back in northern Norway. I have already recommended you and given your details to a couple of friends in Australia, I hope they’re going to do the color analysis.

I had a really good time with Anna going through the color analysis. Even though I had sensed some of the colors before the analysis, it was good fun to see the differences between colors that looked almost the same, until you see what they do to your skin/looks.

Anna gave me several tips, and it just felt like such a treat. Now I’m going to be bolder with the colors at work, and I found new colors that I wouldn’t have chosen before the analysis. Thank you for helping me to be more colorful!

Kristine S
December 2012

I chose Anna from the internet – at the time it felt pretty risky – but I liked the quiet confidence the site displayed, the style of Anna’s photos which showed she was both current and elegant in her fashion choices and I especially liked the fact that the pricing was on the site. So I took the plunge and did a wardrobe review with Anna and then a personal shopping trip – and I have never looked back!

I dislike clothes shopping, have no idea what suits me and was always wasting money buying things that I didn’t like almost as soon as I got home. I was forever feeling that I had ‘nothing to wear’ when I really had a wardrobe full of things that I did not like and did not look great.

Anna makes my shopping easy, always tries to teach me what suits and why, mixes and matches, so many clothes can go together and I fully trust that if she says it looks great, it really does. I feel comfortable that whatever I wear out of my wardrobe looks great which helps me feel confident about how I look when I walk out the door – a new experience. Thanks Anna, looking forward to many more shopping trips in the future!

Jan - Business Analyst
May 2013

I Just wanted to let you know how in love I am with my wardrobe. I have been telling the kinder mums who have been commenting on my updated look, how great you are Anna.

I can’t believe how much good stuff I owned (I was ready to get rid of most of it and start fresh), we cleared out some of the wrong pieces, but all I really needed was a few extra things to update my look, including accessories and the know how, to put it all together. The experience was great and well worth every penny!

I am never going to waste my time and money buying things that don’t suit me or never wear and just clog up my now gorgeous wardrobe. I go shopping in my own closet every morning. Thanks again Anna – Can’t wait to do the colour consult next!

Iva - Mother/Business Owner.
September 2012

Hi Anna.

Thank you so much for your invaluable Style and Image consultation –
I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you and learnt so much!

At the weekend I went through my wardrobe applying your sage advice and referring to the Style book you gave me. I’m happy to inform you that I could see what you had explained about the style elements in the garments that didn’t work for my Triangle body shape. I had the confidence to experiment with applying the horizontal and diagonal influence to the top part of my body and now I look more like an hour glass! I remembered to use the rule of 3’s and the blink test.

I’m so excited and looking forward to my Colour Analysis and Shopping Trip with you later in the month. I would also like to purchase a Gift Certificate for my girlfriends birthday as I know she will benefit enormously as I did.

Collette Y
June 2011