Top 5 Tips To Accessorise Any Outfit

Accessories bring mood and magic

Once you learn the fundamentals of style and colour, it takes time to master other equally important and complementary skills. One of these is the ark of accessorising.

Accessories and clothing have equal significance in an outfit, working together to create an ensemble that expresses your style and who you are. Where and how you wear your accessories is as important as what you wear.

Accessories are there to complement your outfit and to highlight your personality.    Bring magic, mood and attitude to your outfit, so you can look and feel amazing. Whether you’re going to the shops, the movies, out to lunch with the girls or that special evening event, you’ll need to use some form of accessory to make your outfit a little more appealing, interesting, playful or sexy. You know you don’t want to look boring and why should you, you deserve to shine, to-day is the day, go for it!

It’s the detail and finishing touches that create magic to any outfit. So remember, if you’ve just bought a gorgeous new dress, you really don’t want to accessories it with an outdated piece of jewellery or old handbag or shoes that say yes, I remember that decade. If you’re going to be wearing something new and current why not accessories with something that says today! This will also include your hair style and make-up. So for example, if you are still wearing a long bob that drags your face down, you may want to re think and wear a cheeky shorter version? Wearing something that is dated can actually age you, do you really want to go there?

 Essentially you can bring a staple piece of clothing to life by accessorising. This will give you endless opportunities for several outfits, helping you make the best of each and every item you own. Create several ensembles from day to night, just by changing the accessories.

Here is one example; Pretty girl in a plain simple, short sleeve top and shorts. Her accessories have given her the ‘wow’ factor, definitely turning heads.

For another look, try a pattern scarf and coloured sneakers and satchel bag worn diagonally or ballet flats and a fine necklace. So many more looks you could put together with these two simple items, by just changing the accessories.


1.If your not a jewellery person

Start with just a little, a well chosen piece can really lift an outfit. Buy a piece of jewellery in a base metal – Silver or Gold, and experiment with other items in your wardrobe, building your collection as you become more confident.

 2. Points of interest

Accessories tend to be a focal point and will draw the eye to that area. They can draw attention towards or away from figure concerns. Focal points (accessories) can be anything from jewellery, bags, shoes, earring, watch, sunglasses, belt or scarf.

 3. Harmony of scale

Your wrist and ankle circumference determines your bone structure. Wear accessories that are in scale with your body, height, weight and bone structure.

 4. Hidden accessories

Beautiful or sexy lingerie is sometimes forgotten. When was the last time you splashed out and purchased a pretty or sexy silk, satin or lace piece of lingerie. Dress to feel attractive to yourself. Others will notice and feel attracted to you too.

“Wearing sexy underwear makes you feel and act sexy. Nobody can see it but they can tell!” –  Trinny and Susannah.

5. Real or Costume?

“Now it’s time for the big question and that is do you want to have quality or quantity, real or costume jewellery, or do you want a mixture of both? The decision is completely yours and there is no right or wrong answer.”  – Ann Reinten.