Top 7 Fashion Accessories trending Spring/Summer 2015

Top 7 Fashion Accessories trending Spring/Summer 2015

Every season, a new accessory comes along and we scramble to be a part of it, but this year there isn’t just one fashion accessory trend, but seven to covet and collect!

From the catwalks to urban street style, these are the seven trends that are consistently showing up, making us all want to turn over a new accessory leaf.

 The It Bag is back

The It bag makes it’s return with the much-heralded Gucci Horsebit collection, the heavily branded Louis Vuitton bag and bright Burberry Prosum bags. Think colour, charming logo’s, silver and brass detailing and smaller sizes. You don’t need a huge bag, just a good one!

Listen out for the Statement Earring

Think large, coloured, brave, and fabulous. These are a little bit eighties, with large soap opera style clip-on’s from Christian Dior to Loewe’s shoulder length brass power grid style earrings.

The Gladiator Sandal walks back 

For some these have never left but they are truly back this season, with even more lacing for the roaming Roman within you.  From the simple sandal with minimal lacing at Stella McCartney, to over the knee at Rodarte, there is no excuse not to throw your old sandals out of the arena and don the Gladiators once again.

 Flats are fabulous

Breathe a sigh of relief, for flats are back and your feet will thank you. From the furl-lined loafers at Gucci, to ballet silk lace-ups at Balenciaga, there is a flat for very occasion so your feet can relax this season.

 You deserve a Platform

Want some height without losing your mind from vertigo and aching arches? The platform is such a chic way of embracing the new trends from the dance floor to the farmers market.  Tom Ford did platform leopard print, while Miu Miu did wooden heels, but everyone agreed on one thing; they did it in style.

Obi Want

Kimono dressing is on trend and the Obi belt is being embraced by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen with geisha style beauty, through to Alexander Wang, who used perforated neoprene belts tied casually atop sharp blazers. Last year it was opening the kimono, this year it’s keeping it tightly closed.

All Askew Earrings

Last season, it was the single earring, now this year it’s askew earrings. Matching but irregular. Think a simple pearl stud on one side, and a heavy drape of pearls on the other. Nina Ricci is all over this trend, as you should be too.