What is a Colour Consultant & How Can It Work for You?

Colour Confidence for 2016

One of the most common misconceptions about fashion – both in Melbourne and across the globe – is that it revolves around a pair of rock-solid rules: ‘Thou Shalt Wear The Latest Trends’ and ‘Thou Shalt Buy Expensive Designer Clothing’. Fortunately, this just isn’t the case, as these style commandments won’t guarantee that an article of clothing you purchase will look great on you. One major factor that can determine if you either shine can simply come down to the colours we choose. Your individual features, your skin tones, your eyes and the colour of your  hair will have a major impact on the colours you should wear – including  make-up, prints and patterns, the colour contrast and jewellery.

Have you ever asked yourself, what metals will you look your best in, could it be silver, pewter, gold, rose gold, brass or copper. Some of us are well aware of our favourite colours, not to mention the ‘go-to’ colours in our wardrobes, but what I have noticed is that a lot of us are not confident with which colours are flattering on us and highlight our best features.  Colour contrast can get tricky, combining them correctly so that they complement – rather than clash – with one another. Problem is, there are about as many defined shades and unique hues of any given colour,  literally hundreds, if not thousands of colour combinations that mean choosing the ideal outfit is so much more confusing!


Colour Impact On The Body

Light and bright colours are advancing colours which enlarge the area to which they are applied. So this is best worn on the areas of your body that are proportionally your smallest.

Medium colours have little apparent impact on size, therefore they can be worn above or below the waist by many women.

Dark colours recede and diminish size. These are best worn on areas you perceive as your largest.

It really is important not to place an uncomplimentary colour immediately next to your face eg. scarf, rollneck top or a collar. If your not sure which colour is your best and will be complimentary, this is where a colour consultant steps in – an expert, someone well-versed in the science behind colour and tones, who knows exactly how different colours can work to your advantage, not to mention revitalising those tired outfits lying about in your wardrobe!

At AK Style, I offer a Colour Consultancy service to unlock the secrets of your best colours and colour combinations. I will offer personal colour analysis tailored to you and your own individual sense of style. Taking into account your unique physical characteristics – skin tone, eye colour, hair colour and overall complexion – as well as important lifestyle factors – your age, job, style preferences, and favourite colours – I will work closely with you in deciding on the perfect colours that suit you, while still matching in your own sense of style.

As a colour consultant, I can expertly utilise colours to make you stand out, look your best, and feel your most confident and comfortable. By conducting a personal colour analysis – individually tailored to you – you’ll find those perfect colours, in just the right hues and tones, to enhance your look and get heads turning.


Personal Colour Analysis

A personal colour analysis isn’t only a great, lasting guide that outlines the colours that work best for you, as well as the colours that work best together – it also serves as future knowledge to help you pick out ideal hair and make-up tones that will really make your outfit pop.

Add some vibrancy to your wardrobe today with AK Style’s expert colour consultant services, offering in-depth person colour analysis in Melbourne – all specially tailored to you! See the AK Style Personal Colour Analysis page for more information or to book a session today – http://www.akstyle.com.au/personal-colour-analysis/. It would also make a great gift idea.