Winter Essentials 2020

Winter Essentials 2020

The cooler days are definitely here and to stay,  for at least a few months. OK this in not my favourite season, but I must say there are some fabulous winter items out there, so I can get a little excited at some of the wonderful design’s and creative layering splashed across fashion magazines and  social media which serves as a window into the fashion world no matter where you live. That’s exciting!


So I decide to take a peek into the world of fashion and find out what’s trending around the world for our colder months. It’s a no brainer coats and jackets are here again and obviously a must in our wardrobe.  The inspiration I’m getting is to rethink the way I’m wearing some of my classic pieces and my staples.  Naturally I will have to purchase some new items to bring interest and a wow factor into my ensemble.  I love the layering look, it’s time to think out of the box, get creative and experiment within my own wardrobe and in stores.



Puffer Jackets and Coats.

Puffer jackets and coats have been part of the runway essentials, creating a chic and dramatic look for many years now.  Choose your favourite style, but always keep in mind your height and body type. Long line, mid length or a shorter style. The mid length jacket will suit just about any type of person, whether you are a tall or petite women. The puffer jacket/coat is here to stay. See my Facebook page for more tips on how to bring your puffer style staple to life by adding a belt or grabbing a trend-minded bag which can instantly update an otherwise basic outfit.




Leather or Pleather

I’m loving my new black leather jacket by Ena Pelly.  I also have a pleather jacket by Top Shop which I bought the year before. Ena Pelly is a fabulous Australia label based in Geelong, if you get a chance check out their very cool Winter collection for 2020. They also do a great range of Faux Fur!

From the UK you may like All Saints, Reiss or Jigsaw. Don’t forget Zara for a reasonable price on your new leather/pleather jacket.




Are you looking to update your boots this Winter? Expect to see your favourite styles updated for 2020, as well as some new looks in the mix.

Having said that, I am looking to find a gorgeous pair of ankle boots this Winter, possibly two pairs, probably two pairs, definitely two pairs!

There are so many wonderful stylish boots out there, so many fabulous looks. Whatever your look, your personal style, there will be a pair for you! Will I bare all to the world, including my socks or go sock-less in a pair of cut-out boots. I must say I’m also loving the new look in the combat boot.



Perhaps you’re an over-the-knee gal, still much the same, but you can expect this style to trend towards glamorous, from colourful metallic to lace-up, over-the-knee for a more dramatic look. Do you favor classic or modern, glam or cut-out, cowboy or combat? All you have to do now is choose, happy shopping!



Images: Shutterstock