Drop Crotch Pants For All Occasions – In or Out?

Where can I buy the drop crotch pant?

“Earlier this month Gwyneth Paltrow was spotted in a pair of denim drop crotch pants while running errands in North London. Likewise Pink, Rihanna, Gwen Stefani and Jessica.”  – Emma Jane. Apparently, Justin Beaver, is a massive fan and is seen wearing them on and off stage. It seems like any age group can wear them.

 When harem pants started surfacing in 2009 I got really excited. I must say I’m a big fan of the slouchy style. I walked into the Zara store in Chadstone at spotted a deep olive pair.  I tried them on immediately.  One of the girls on the floor said I looked great in them and I had to agree. Not to blow my own trumpet, the fit and colour were perfect for me and the fabric in rayon draped softly. I felt they were made for me. I felt stylish and chic in them and oh so very comfy!

My second pair was purchased from Bardot, in a light moss colour, in a crepe like fabric and I teamed them with a semi fitted top in a very similar colour palette. Because I’m only 162 cm. the monochromatic look will give the perceiver the illusion that I am taller and slimmer. To complete the outfit I added a fabulous necklace with lots of colour encased on metal bronze.  I picked up a pair a fabulous bronze ballet flats from Peter Shepard to complete my now gorgeous ensemble.

My third pair was purchased from Sportsgirl, just had to have a pair in Black! These days I see the drop slouch pant everywhere.  Styles do grow on you once you see them in stylish action. Here are just a few stores where you can purchase the drop crotch pant/Harem pant. . ScanlanTheodore, Stella McCartney,  Portman’s, Witchery, Sass and Bide and Zara.

We see a varied assortment of harem pants every season, change up their support act to keep the integrity of the silhouette fresh and current, and you’re in business.

Finally the drop crotch pant is here to stay whether you like it or not. Clearly I vote yay! Not all my clients and friends will. In the end it’s up to you to be true to your own style personality! You’ll find more celebs wearing the drop crotch pant in The Fashion Spot Australia.