Get Special Wardrobe Makeover Advice in Melbourne

Wardrobe Makeoverwardrobe makeover

“Create a successful working wardrobe”

Have you often asked yourself why you don’t have anything to wear, when your wardrobe is full of clothing. Well you are not alone in needing a wardrobe makeover, most people only wear 20 percent of what is in their closet.

Wardrobe Makeover. $130 per hour, minimum 2 hours.

Recharge your wardrobe, you’ll be happily surprised why it works!  Call Anna 0405 548 287

How does it all work?

It’s all about you and getting to know the you, you never knew. Eliminating wardrobe dilemmas and exploring all the fabulous possibilities of what can come out of a wardrobe consultation makeover. Find out once and for all what really suits you and decide on a look that’s right for you and your life style.

Firstly Anna will determine your personal style needs and a visual assessment of your vertical and horizontal body shape. She will then go through your wardrobe, one piece at a time. There will be some items you will need to try on to determine the reason it’s still in your closet and why?  Taking into account all the style elements and colour,  Anna will give you valuable advice on the success or failure of your garment. She will tell you that your appearance lays with a few very important factors, the outer silhouette of a garment needs to meet the needs of your body shape.

The fabric has to have the ability to flatter your shape and size. Whatever the style the correct fit is a must, a well-fitted piece of clothing will lie smooth without pulls and wrinkles. Otherwise you’ll rob yourself of any chance of style and waste your money. ‘Must haves’ in the store sometimes become orphans in your closet taking up valuable space.

Do you know how to Mix and Match your wardrobe?

Planning your wardrobe is an art and Anna will organise your wardrobe space so you can see clearly what you have, this will make choosing your outfit in the mornings quick and easy. She will mix’n’match/co-ordinate your existing pieces in your wardrobe, putting together more combinations and therefore more fabulous outfits. It’s only when you understand why an outfit works that you become empowered to repeat the process.

This is where the rule of three’s comes into play to give your outfit an interesting and wonderful finished look. Anna will teach you all this! Throughout your wardrobe makeover, she will also suggest and write down any new items/pieces and accessories that may need to be purchased in your next shopping trip to complete your existing wardrobe.

  • Create new combination from your existing wardrobe
  • Decide what to keep, toss or alter
  • Learn from past mistakes
  • Make a list of what is missing in your wardrobe
  • Visually merchandise your wardrobe
 “If you can see what you have, you are more likely to wear what you have”

When shopping next, buy the items that are missing to compliment your existing wardrobe. Enjoy buying new pieces you will actually wear and feel great in.

A wardrobe makeover and personal stylist shopping trip might be all you need to change your buying habits and update your look!

Located in Melbourne, her success continues to grow nationally as a Colour & Image Consultant, Personal Shopper, Personal Fashion Stylist and Wardrobe Makeover Consultant. Anna offers private consultations and remarkable mini makeovers for men and women. Her objective is to create a meaningful and fun experience where each client receives exceptional value for their investment, thus ensuring an impressive and rewarding experience.

Anna is highly regarded and successful Personal Fashion Stylist and Personal Shopper in Melbourne. This makes her your perfect partner to go shopping with and boost your confidence level!