Outfits That Harmonise from Top to Toe

Melbourne Spring Fashion 2013

If there is anyone out there that has not heard of  The Ark clothing stores, I’m wondering where you’ve been. Okay your right there are lots and lots of fabulous stores and designers out there. I agree. 

Today I’m giving you a little insight to “THE ARK” clothing co.

The Ark is 100% designed and made in Australia. Their motto “Love your shape and spoil yourself” sounds good to me!

Ignited by two good friends, Chris and Jen in 1990, The Ark is a Melbourne based company that thrives on the passion and creativity fashion demands. It was born from a need for pieces to have a purpose, be wearable and on trend.

Their Spring range has been inspired by the understated simplicity of Japanese design.

Origami inspired lines, prints influenced by ink wash paintings, eclectic blends of style using beautiful fabric and a touch of street edge… it’s a fabulous range and there is definitely something for everyone. I guarantee you’ll walk out with an item, if not two. Smile and enjoy being stylish!!

Find a store near you! http://theark.com.au/stores/ 

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