Summer Fashion Trends 2019

Summer Fashion Trends 2019

Fabulous, wonderful Summer is here! One of my favourite season’s. Having said that I live in Melbourne and truly you can expect any season throughout the months of October through to April. I never pack away my all of my Winter/Autumn clothing just in case and I always have a shrug and scarf to throw on, when the unexpected 15 degrees comes in.

Anyway enough about the weather, you may ask what’s trending for Summer this year?



I’m comparing the fashion trends of New York City to Melbourne and I’m finding it to be quite similar, which I love.

So walking around the Cities and watching people, what people are wearing on the streets truly fascinates and inspires me. I’m always inspired by the Streets of New York City and Melbourne. You really have to keep your eyes open and look around , you’ll see the contrast of styles. You’ll see girls wearing something really feminine, silhouettes that showcase your waist, skirts, floaty dresses, a puff sleeve, lace, heels and you’ll see some who have a more masculine, boyish look. Jeans, over-sized jackets, tees, biker jackets, flat shoes and a military look.



Style is all about expressing who you are, the real you. I must say I tend to be more on the boyish side of style. Not too many dresses in my wardrobe these days, much more of a pant girl. Of course you can still look feminine wearing a beautiful pair of pants teamed up with a silk top, heels, make-up and jewelry, I love mixing it up. I’ve also worn the same pants with sneakers and a biker jacket. Ask yourself who you want to be on the day, what outfit would make you happy today, and go for it!




So one of the things I see in New York City is monochromatic looks trending for summer time. It’s brilliant, it’s contemporary it’s not about florals, it’s very New York and Melbourne I might add. So be bold in all black, or mix it up with white. If this is not your thing, easy switch to colour! I never let fashion dictate what style or colour I should be wearing. Always wear your best colour and the styles that suit your body shape and your personality.

Looking further I’m inspired by the floaty style dresses and pleated long skirts worn with sneakers. I love this look. All are teamed up with accessories. Find your perfect bag, statement earrings and sunnies. It’s so good to see how other people do it, how they put it all together, I find it all inspiring.


Clothes aren’t just about style, their about saying what you believe in and that’s what I noticed in the cities. One thing you can say about clothes is the political statement that you see more and more increasingly especially in this type of climate that we live in today.



With New York Fashion Week coming to an end, it was clear that stylish guests and city-goers were determined to pull out their best outfits. Mixing chunky sneakers with elegant outfits, the trend of the week was definitely one of model-off-duty, with a relaxed chic vibe. Wearing bold blazers with thick belts, monumental earrings and the popular waist belt bag, fashion icons hit the streets with pops of colour and confidence. Matched with bare, minimal makeup, pastel slip dresses and flashes of denim, these casual looks exude spring/summer. By: The Trend Spotter.


AK Style – Anna kozlowski

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“I know change takes courage . If you embrace change, you may really surprise yourself;  I know you’ll certainly surprise those around you.


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