Your Corporate Fashion Consultant in Melbourne

corporate fashion consultant melbourneFashion consultant Melbourne
“Get ready for your personal transformation”


During your one on one ‘Polished Professional Consultation’ you will have the opportunity to explore all aspects of your appearance and address any concerns you may have. Anna is a corporate
fashion consultant in Melbourne dedicated to helping you find your best corporate and professional style.

This valuable and informative consultation will take 90 minutes. $195

Be noticed for all the right reasons! Call Anna – 0405 548 287

You are the Message! Remember you are marketing a product ‘yourself’ to a potential client or boss. The first thing they see when greeting you is your attire. It’s not just what you wear that matters, but also how you wear your clothes.

A successful visual image requires that you co-ordinate your suits with colours, fabrics, patterns and accessories that re-enforce your intended message. Cheap looking fabrics, poor colour combinations, loud patterns and poor grooming all detract from a credible professional image.


Be among the leaders of looking sharp and stylish at work and get the success you deserve by dressing for who you want to become with the help of a corporate fashion consultant.




  • Discovering your Best Style and Image
  • Basic Wardrobe Requirements for Corporate Professionals
  • Suit Co-ordination
  • Image Breakers
  • Groomed for Success
  • Colour and Visual Slimming Strategies
  • Positive Body Language



How you look does affect how you feel about yourself, your confidence, your level of joy and how you are perceived by others.

Located in Melbourne, Anna success continues to grow nationally and internationally as a Colour & Image Consultant, Personal Shopper, Personal Fashion Stylist and Wardrobe Consultant. Anna offers private consultations and remarkable mini makeovers for men and women.

Her objective as Melbourne’s leading corporate fashion consultant is to create a meaningful and fun experience where each client receives exceptional value for their investment, thus ensuring an impressive and rewarding experience.