For years, I toyed with the idea of having my ‘colours done’ in order to better understand what suits my complexion and personality. I put it off, thinking it was a bit of an indulgence as well as a bit of a ‘retro’ fad – remember how crazy everyone was for Colour Me Beautiful in the 80s??!!

However, I’m relocating abroad later this year and have used the move as an opportunity refresh my wardrobe and personal style, so I thought I’d start with my colours. I found Anna via Google, and because she was local (I live a tram ride away) and had good testimonials, I took the plunge and booked myself in.

So…last Saturday I sat in front of her mirror, with lights shining on my face, no make-up, no spectacles (having dusted off a pair of contact lenses) and wearing a white robe, while Anna held various swatches of fabric under my chin to see how they looked against my face and hair. There was a bit of a brief quiz about my colour preferences at the start, and Anna explained the process and what I could expect to take away from the analysis before we got to the nitty gritty.

The final verdict: I am Warm, Muted and Dark, also known as Deep Autumn – which was kinda cool, as I’ve always liked wearing brown and green and olive-y, mustard-y yellows as well as orange, and purple. Phew! It confirmed some things I already knew (minimal red and no crimsons) but there were a few pleasant surprises – who thought I could wear blue and purple?

But the service doesn’t stop there. Anna did a face-shape analysis which took into account how I can wear my hair, and whether my spectacles work for me as well as what sort of jewellery I should choose.

As part of the service, I received a colour swatch ‘flip-wheel’ with all my colours on it, with suggestions on whether they are my ‘core’ or ‘basic’ or ‘accent’ colours as well as a comprehensive folder which breaks down the analysis in more detail, and includes clothing, make-up and jewellery tips. Fantastic! I’ve already started using the wheel with my current wardrobe – it’s been a great way to weed out stuff I don’t wear anymore. Now I know why… Luckily I carry big handbags, so I will ensure my swatch wheel and folder are with me wherever I go when I feel like doing a spot of shopping. Anna also kindly provided a PDF soft copy of the folder contents so I can travel light when the time comes to move overseas.

As for Anna herself, she is the perfect advertisement for her profession. A style and image consultant should be warm, personable and engaging and she should look like a star. Anna ticks all the right boxes. I felt very welcome and relaxed, but more importantly, I felt like I was in the hands of someone who knew what they were doing.

I highly recommend Anna’s styling services.

Sophia Patrick - Professional
January 2016