Personal Colour and Image Stylist

Dress For Interview Success

As a personal Colour and Image consultant, I help job seekers dress to impress. To pull off a really good look you need to spend more money and view it as a great investment. When it comes to job interviews, there is no doubts that image counts. 


Research has shown time and time again that first impressions are made within 10 seconds of meeting someone. We all make assumptions in the first 10 seconds of meeting somebody and they include that person’s level of education,social standing, economic status, and how well they will do in the future. You only have one chance to make a good first impress,so it’s important to look your very best.


So what do you wear? It may sound obvious, but, male or female, wear a suit. It pays to splash out on a quality suit. It’s not enough to just have a smart suit – when it comes to making a good first impression it’s the details that count.


For men, ensemble and colour harmony, hair should be neatly cut, nails well scrubbed and shoes polished. Classic accessories in good condition. No piercings.


For women, there are more details to worry about, hemlines shouldn’t be too high and necklines not too low, foot wear should be appropriate, accessories not to flashy and perfume not too overwhelming.


Knowing that you look good builds confidence and that confidence will be apparent to interviewers. When you feel great about yourself it resonates and more doors open.


More and more men and women are engaging a personal colour and image experts to give them an edge at interviews.


Colour is a powerful tool. If your not colour confident, I suggest you have your colours done. Truly a great investment.

Right colours will add radiance to your complexion, eyes and hair. Smooth out fine lines, hide/lighten dark shadows. Make the eyes and teeth appear whiter. Soften features. Have a lifting effect. Clear and smooth the complexion. Define the outline of the lips. Give a younger, healthier and more alert look.


Wrong colours will accentuate lines and wrinkles. Darken and dull or sallow your complexion. Harden your features. Flatten the face giving you a tired and unhealthy appearance.


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