Winter Fashion Trends 2015

70’s and 80’s Infatuation Right Now

As I write this blog we are truly in the midst of winter, the second week into July. I now can start counting the days down to Spring.  I’m not really a winter person, but I must confess I do love some of the gorgeous winter pieces out there and for a short time only I’ll have fun wearing my knits, scarves, coats, boots and gloves. I almost forgot my favorite piece at the moment,  my black fringe warp.


It was a very chilly start for the season and I have noticed some old favorites returning. One is the trouser suit. Whether experimental, classic, feminine or androgynous this very eighties favourite has made it back on the runways, and made it big. Though the overall look for Autumn and Winter in terms of silhouettes were the decades of the 60s and 70s, there was a definite look towards some eighties staples such as the trouser suit and in the leisurewear camp with very modern and unusual manifestations of the shell suit.

The Shell Suit

The shell suit was a huge fashion look in the 80’s. It evolved from a sporting garment, the track suit, but became so popular it was worn for leisure wear. Made from polyester it had a tendency to spell,  can’t beat natural fibres. Faye Dunnaway make’s the shell suit look cutting edge. Photo: Getty/Terry O’Neill.

Understanding  your Fabric’s

Man-made fibres are manufactuted by artificial processes and usually made of filaments extruded as liquid and formed into various fibres. Man-made fibres include nylon, polyester acetate, spandex, acrylic and rayon.

Faux Leather 

It is a plastic fabric made to  look  like leather. It is lighter and less restrictive than real leather and can be dyed any colour. Other types of faux leather include leatherette and vegan leather. From dresses to leggings to jackets, the slightly edgy fabric has been around for a few seasons now, and it shows no sign of going away.

Natural Fibres

Natural fibres are obtained from plants or animals and include wool, linen, cotton, silk, chasmere and angora. Fibres in this group are among the most comfortable and resilient in the world. Many, however, are also expensive, hard to launder and care for.

Taking Shape

Shapes took an all-together more top-heavy feel with oversized coats, capes, bomber jackets, knits and billowing furs. Slumped raglan shoulders with exaggerated roundness are constructed on coats, capes, knits,  and dresses as well as jackets and tunics. To contrast the too heavy feel skinny jeans, slim line pants, faux leather leggings and tights completed many looks.

Silhouette: Slim and flare / Straight / A-line


Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger a very creative, talented and one of the great American designer over the past 30 years. To launch Tommy Hilfiger 30th anniversary, he created a collection inspired by football American and love story. “I wanted to marry sport with luxury,” Hilfiger said in his interview.

New York: With the music festival girl as his muse, a live band performing on an over-the-top stage, and flowers lining the runway, Tommy Hilfiger, yet again, did not disappoint with the production quality of his show. The looks were reminiscent of vintage rock styles with military and British rock influences. Tommy’s signature colour palette was deepened with gold metallic accents while an otherwise playful vibe ensued with patchwork denim, stars, stripes, and tattoo graphics. –Jaclyn Jones

Spanish fashion brand MANGO.

The women’s winter collection captured the audience with a fabulous mix of styles, fabric’s/textiles and textures which reflected the key elements of the season’s look. The colour range was primarily in almost any shade of grey, your classic black and white dominated and red and green was introduced. The collection is mostly elegant and this year it is focused on the underground fashion leather jacket and low sandals yeti style. The yeti style looks warm, cosy and comfy, but really, would you actually wear them outside the house and if you did they would be filthy in a heartbeat.

Culottes of Fun

“Culottes can be a scary trend, but easier to handle if you opt for a full-length style with lots of volume. This length is the most flattering as it gives the impression of a maxi skirt. Fleur Woods and Ellery are two brands that have nailed it. Wear with a cropped, boxy top or a chunky soft knit on the weekends and a tailored shirt for the office. A mule or wedge adds height.” By Teneille Ferguson.

I’m loving the stylish ensemble by Mango to your left. A fabulous leather jacket, top, culottes and black suede heels. Relaxed weekend wear on trend!