New Year, New You: Refresh your Wardrobe and Your Look for 2016

New You New Look

For many of us, the start of every New Year usually means a new set of goals, a new set of challenges, and a new lease on life – it’s a time for making resolutions and following them through.
Sometimes a makeover can be just what you need and there’s no better time to reinvent yourself than at the start of the New Year. After all a change is as good as a holiday!

Wardrobe Makeover

It’s all about you and getting to know the you, you never knew. Eliminating wardrobe dilemmas and exploring all the fabulous possibilities of what can come out of a wardrobe consultation makeover. Find out once and for all what really suits you and decide on a look that’s right for you and your life style.

A wardrobe makeover allows you to shop in your own wardrobe, mixing and matching what you already have and highlighting the key pieces to create your ideal look. You’d be surprised at the number of stylish fashion treasures hidden away in your wardrobe that can work wonders for an outfit. Now if your missing a few key items or some items are looking a little tired, what better time to replace them with some new current pieces to add to your already gorgeous pieces so we can create a fabulous new you!

Express your personal style

Personal style is about projecting your authentic and accurate sense of yourself. For men and women alike it is important that you own your personal style and that it makes you feel happy, comfortable, confident and fits your personality, goals and lifestyle.  It really is impotant to be true to  one self.  You probably would have noticed that over time your individual style has changed through out your life.  As we change internally over time, we chose to take on different styles to express those changes.  So what was right for us in one decade or period of life may not feel right in another.

I can also work with you as an Image Consultant and Personal Stylist, assessing your individual shape and size in order to determine the perfect styles, cuts and designs to accent your body in all the right places. Every woman is beautiful, however, sometimes we need a little helping hand to find out exactly what works best on us to make us our most exquisite self.

This process will allow you to stride into 2016 brimming with confidence, by working with what you do have rather than focusing on what you don’t. Looking good means feeling good – and feeling good can turn ‘just another year’ into the Year of You.

Colour and Image Consultant

An AK Style Wardrobe Makeover, Colour Analysis or Image Consultation is all about revitalising who you are, working with what you have and highlighting those spectacular parts of yourself. Bring the magic back into your life, feel energised with colour and style, feel happy and confident again!

Contact me today and browse my services for more information. Together let’s celebrate a ‘New Year’ for a ‘New You’!


Top three Images from ‘J Crew’ New York Fashion show for 2016.

I have seen lots of leather jackets that resemble the jacket in image four. If you don’t want to pay a fortune, check out  Zara, French Connection and Top Shop just to name a few.

The last image is from Country Road, very stylish!


Source: Getty