The Impact of Colour in Our Wardrobe: Is This Where You’re Going Wrong?

Impact of Colour

The Impact of Colour in Our Wardrobe: Is This Where You’re Going Wrong?

Do you find yourself purchasing clothes in your favourite colours but they just don’t seem to work on you? Do you find that some of the outfit or clothes you are wearing are changing the brightness of your eyes and even negatively effecting your complexion – giving you that washed out look? The effects of colour are undeniably strong: not only does your choice in colour have the power to influence and change your own feelings, thoughts, emotions and moods… It can also shape and influence the way you look.



The Impact Colour Has on Your Skin, Eyes and Hair

Not all colours are created equal for all people! What works on one person, won’t necessarily work on the next person. Have you ever seen a friend in a certain item of clothing and thought how fantastic they look, yet when you put the same piece of clothing on, it just doesn’t seem to work on you? This could very well be simply attributed to the colour. The colours that suit and work best on you are influenced by the colour of your complexion, hair, eyes and much more. It takes a true colour expert – such as a Colour Consultant – to unravel the science behind it.


Call me Mellow Yellow

Physical effects of yellow:  energizes, relieves depression, improves memory, stimulates appetite, speeds up metabolism and enhances concentration.

Colour affects every moment of our lives even though most of our choices are unconscious. How we look, how we feel, how we react and how others react to us. Colour has the power to evoke psychological reactions because they can be associated with certain feelings and meanings.  Colour can enhance or detract from a persons appearance.

As an accent colour, yellow is a vibrant colour you don’t need much to give your outfit a pop or extra flair.  The key to looking cool in yellow is making sure you wear the perfect shade of yellow for your skin tone. Yellow is commonly known in three shades — a pastel yellow, bright canary yellow, and mustard yellow.  (the first image is a gorgeous mustard yellow dress)



Do You Know Your Signature Colours?

With the help of AK Style – Melbourne’s consummate fashion professional – you’ll be able to put those colour selection nightmares straight to bed. Together you will both discover what colours work best for your hair, skin tone, and complexion – in addition to uncovering the ones that don’t, so as to establish which colours you should be avoiding. A comprehensive consultation conducted by the highly experienced Melbourne based Fashion Stylist and Colour Consultant, Anna Kozlowski, could be just what you need to achieve a total colour shake up that will work wonders for creating your ultimate and unique style.